Pre Cisco vpn 100413a
Palm Pre Cisco VPN wrapper

This project creates a constant vpn connection to a Cisco VPN server on the Palm Pre. You can keep the connection on-line all the time while you have a network connection or manually start/stop it from Terminus (Terminus is a terminal application for the Palm Pre). The project uses the Linux vpnc ( application to create the vpn connection.

You need to have the following applications installed on you Pre:
- Preeware =>
- Terminus => Yo can install Terminus if you select 'List everything' in Preware and the start to type Terminus.

To use the VPN connection you need to know your user-id, password, groupe-id and groupe password. It dose not matter if your group password is encrypted or not. I would more use an encrypted password then the plain text one. VPNC can handle both.

I also encrypt my user password to be save if someone will see my config file. You can use cisco-encypt to encrypt your user password.

You need to execute the remove steps if you update from an onlder version !!!


1) open the pre-vpnc.conf file in the vpnc folder and add your Cisco vpn connection information.
2) Open the pre.conf in the vpnc folder and check the parameters.
- PreDebug: if set to 1 it will write debug information to the file /home/root/vpnc/vpnc.log on your Pre
- PreAuto: The vpn connection will be established as soon as your Pre is in a network if set to 1.
If you set it to 0 you will need to start and stop the connection from the Terminus application
- Ping: Add a server here that is inside the network of your vpn. It is used to check if we need to
build a vpn connection or not
3) Copy the vpnc folder to the root of you Pre USB drive.
4) Disconnect your Pre and make sure you have a stabile network connection
5) Open Terminus on your Pre and type /media/internal/vpnc/
This will install the scripts and the vpnc client from the internet.
******* You need to do step 5 every time you make any changes to one of the both config files ********

Now you can test your vpn connection. Type './ start' in Terminus to start, now you can use './ status' to get some status information and './ stop' to quit. If you set PreAuto to 1 the the start and stop will be done automatically with the internet connection of your Pre.

I would advice you to secure your Pre by a PIN if you left PreAuto to 1. If not and someone gets access to you phone he will also have access to the servers in the vpn !!!!

To remove VPN Connection

1) open Terminus on your Pre
2) type /media/internal/vpnc/
3) check that there was no errors when the process is finished